Network monitoring software is an essential tool for protecting the security of your network and also ensuring its proper functioning.

However, you might have to face a lot of trouble in selecting the right network monitoring software for your company.

The well being of the IT infrastructure is a crucial issue both for large multi-national organizations as well as the smaller start-ups. It is also important for various government organizations to maintain the security and the productivity of their networks. Even many parents these days want to monitor the usage of their home network system to know the whereabouts of their child’s online activities. There are varieties of network monitoring software to choose from, depending upon your needs and usage.

The first dilemma would be to choose between the various freeware that can be used for network monitoring. Though these are hassle-free, quite easy to use, and can be downloaded online without any difficulties, they do not have the in-depth facilities that many high-end packages offer. Moreover, these freeware solutions are not full proof as the paid versions of the extensive network monitoring software packages and often don’t have all the features implemented. Therefore, it is essential that you choose a network monitoring software keeping certain things in mind.

You should use a network monitoring software that operates online and thus, does not require any installations. You should also choose one that can operate automatically without any manual assistance. The affordability of network monitoring software packages is also a major factor. So, it is essential to probe the face value of the estimates that these network monitoring software packages offer.

Many network monitoring software would offer you the facility of policing the entire network from a centralized location. It would help you to monitor the websites, emails, chats, applications, servers etc. that are being used through your network. It helps in monitoring the functioning of your system and even assists in proper coordination so that your network does not slow down or crash due to overloading. In other words, the security and smooth functioning of your network depends upon the usage of the network monitoring software.

One of the variants of the network monitoring software is the office monitoring software. It can monitor all the PCs that are being used through your network. Some software even offer monitoring services irrespective of the Internet service provider that is being used. There are still other varieties that offer complete surveillance of the database and the protocols without showing any presence in the network detection tools. They can even be used to detect system usage like the usage of printers, or the files and documents that are being opened or used. Most of these network monitoring software are compatible to browsers like Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Firefox etc. There are also other versions of the network monitoring software like the home version, which offers many similar facilities, but in scaled-down order.

The most suitable network monitoring software should ideally be a combination of useful features, easy maintenance, and affordability. However, the one best suited for you would ultimately depend on your requirements. Nevertheless, it is imperative that you use a suitable network monitoring software as the health and the functioning of your network depends heavily upon its proper functioning.