Different types of network usage software

For the network engineers out there, good network usage software is of prime importance as it helps them understand the status of the network and the condition of each and every machine connected to it. Network usage software is used by all Internet Service Providers to measure the traffic in a better way. In order to keep a computer network running at all times, you will need to monitor it to find out the possible weak points in the framework and repair them with immediate effect. There are a number of home users who can monitor their home computer network with the help of this software. There are a number of free network usage software available in the market that will help you get a hold on the activities and the bandwidth allocation of your home computers.

Setting up a network usage software is very simple.

All that you need to do is plug in all your computers, keep them running and load the software from your workstation, and the software will do the rest. As soon as you start the software, it will identify the machines in your network, categorize them according to their functions and wait for your further instructions. Make sure the firewalls of all the connected computers are tuned off so that the network usage software can establish links with them.

Some of the newest network usage software will even give you an easy to use Graphical User Interface and provide access to help files that you may need to run the software properly. The network monitoring program helps you get a nice overview of all the machines in your network and gives you complete control over all of them. If you find that one of the machines is hogging bandwidth, you can limit its bandwidth usage and make way for the others.

If you are an active gamer who visits multiplayer gaming forums, you will need good network usage software to find out the latency of your fellow players when they play on your server. The list of amenities supplied by a good network usage software is huge and some of the attractive features include the monitoring of CPU and memory, complete disk and network usage values. Some of the high-end network usage software for the ISPs have advanced alarming methods so that in case something goes wrong, they can send a notification email or text message to the maintenance crew or the network administrator. The feature of alerting the network administrator can help save a lot of time that would have been otherwise spent on diagnosing the problem.

Some of the advanced network monitoring utilities can record and generate data from each and every machine as well as the entire network. The data produced can be used to find out the overall efficiency of the network and the maintenance costs.  If you want to archive the data, you can specify a remote location and the data will be archived accordingly on the hard disk.