How to choose the ideal tools to monitor network

With the increased use of computers in businesses across the globe today, stress and importance of networks is on the rise. This has given rise to the need for maintenance of networks in optimum condition so as to facilitate communication. Failure of networks almost always leads to complete failure of communication, both internal as well as external. Moreover, failure of communication leads to loss in business caused by the reduction in productivity. A similar situation is caused even if networks are slow or there is unknown data exchange, which leads to network problems and therefore reduction in productivity, ultimately damaging business. In such situations, it becomes very important to constantly monitor the network for flaws or problems. Given such a scenario, it is obvious that the market is flooded with various tools to monitor network. However, it is important to identify the perfect tool to reap the optimum benefits.

Prior to making a choice, it is important to understand that tools to monitor network can be classified as data monitoring tools and statistics monitoring tools.

The data monitoring tools actually monitor the kind of data that passes through a network, whether it is appropriate or not and whether it follows the protocols laid down by the various servers like FTP, SNMP, HTTP or not. Statistical tools to monitor network usually monitor the kind of flow experienced by a network or in other words, monitor the bandwidth usage, determines whether the same is optimum or not and whether there is a need to increase the band width etc. These tools generally monitor the kind of traffic received so as to identify problem areas, bottlenecks and external virus attacks, if any. Both have their own independent uses and hence, it is impossible to claim one to be better than the other. In such situations, if you do require some tools to monitor network, then an ideal choice would be something that helps you monitor both quality and quantity of traffic. There are many such tools to monitor network available in the market, which cater to wholesome requirements of network monitoring.

Another point of concern while selecting ideal tools to monitor network should be the size of your network.

For small networks, using some of the freebies available on the Internet could suffice but for larger networks, it is important that you invest in some good tools that are multi-faceted and help in holistic monitoring of networks. Similarly, it is important to select such tools to monitor network that are interactive in nature and provide instant interaction, in terms of emails or messages to the administrator, in case of any problem.

Reliability of data provided by the monitoring tool is very important and should be high on your selection criteria. Similarly, scalability of the tool as well as its sustainability and affordability should also be considered before investing in such tools. It is important that you get total value for money and can monitor your entire network at affordable rates. It is significant to understand that such tools to monitor network actually assist in expanding your business because they help identify outages in network and prevent or resolve it so that there is smooth functioning.