Making the optimum use of your network monitoring application and tool

With the increased use of computers, the constant advancements in technology and the downslide of the economy, it is obvious that companies will face a situation where it has to budget properly for ensuring adequate monitoring of its networks. The advancements in technology lead to newer monitoring tools and applications along with their own hardware being initiated into the market. However, the downslide in the economy compels companies to limit their monitoring budgets, which many feel might affect the actual performance and profits of the company. In such a situation, it is essential to find a solution that will help companies make the optimum use of the network monitoring tool so as to ensure both reliability as well as limit expenditure.

Before discussing the solution for getting the maximum out of your network monitoring tool and application, it is important to understand the exact use of such tool for companies as well as understand the current situation that calls for optimization. While selecting any network monitoring tool, it is important to understand the three primary uses of such a tool, namely the monitoring network availability, speed and usage. These are perhaps the three main parameters required to identify a good network monitoring tool and in these times of slowdown, it is essential not to invest in too many tools but to ensure that your existing tools can handle all these three aspects without any hassle. Moreover, it is important to identify a tool that can encompass your entire network irrespective of its actual size.

The main problems faced by the industry include the need to do more with less. In other words, companies have to maintain a smooth running network without any problem with less budget allocation than before. Given the constant requirement of upgrades in technology, this might prove to be difficult. Secondly, given the over emphasis on networks, it is possible that companies need to constantly monitor the same, which could be quite difficult, given the lack of staff availability. Hence, despite the availability of a good network monitoring tool, companies might not be able to handle the problems because of lack of staff availability to handle the myriad applications and tools that are required to maintain a single network. In such a situation, it is important to ensure that your network monitoring tool and application is working at optimum level by aggregating all such tools and linking them.

Aggregation of network monitoring tool and application helps you to link all tools and applications on any network, which in turn increases visibility and enables to ensure maximum performance of all network monitoring tools and applications.

Aggregation tool helps reduce the amount you spend or allocate for installing and operating a network monitoring tool. Moreover, such tools help filter traffic so that your network operates at the optimum levels. Additionally, by using such tools, you can actually aggregate your SPAN ports and TAPs, which in turn would enable you to monitor larger chunks of your network simultaneously. Finally, such tools are very user-friendly and do not require much in terms of human interface, which makes it highly cost effective, thereby enabling you to get the most out of your network monitoring tools and applications.