Using Network Monitoring Solutions For Network Management

Network monitoring solutions have become very essential components of network management these days.

They are needed for maintaining the well being and the efficiency of your network. The new age network monitoring solutions do not work with protocol analyzers and operate on multifarious aspects which compose your entire IT infrastructure. These include databases, network traffic etc. A typical network monitoring solution would provide the network administrators with the facilities like email, chat, website monitoring etc, which monitor the applications that are used and also the documents that are viewed online. As a part of its website monitoring function, network monitoring solution also monitors the various protocols like HTTP, POP3, SNMP, TCP, SSL etc. In other words, it helps in sensing and solving the various problems involving computer networks.

Network monitoring solutions are also used to monitor the routing issues of the network as faulty routers can automatically cause poor performance.

You can even use these tools to monitor your servers in frequent succession. So, whether you are running a large organization or a small firm, it has become imperative to use network monitoring solutions to keep your networks running without any problems. Problems can be caused by overworking or overloading of your networks, due to virus attacks etc. Your entire system might crash because of these issues. That’s why it is essential to maintain the security of the network, mapping of the CPU load etc, detection of any possible issue and coordination of the various components. All these functions come under network management. Network monitoring is one of the indispensable ways by which network management can be done efficiently.

Network monitoring is a continuous exercise and it is important that you set aside computers proportionately solely for the purpose of network monitoring, depending on the size of your network. Network monitoring should not be switched off as long as your network is in operation. It is important that you understand your environment before you commit to any particular network monitoring solution. This is because you need to detect which processes are worked more frequently and need more attention. There are various network monitoring solution packages that offer quite a few special facilities, and you need to select the one which might suit your needs that the best. The factors that you should keep in mind before selecting a network monitoring solution are its affordability, special features, ease of use, along with the size of your network. Though there are certain freeware that can serve the purpose of network monitoring, it is better that you use a comprehensive package.

There are various types of network monitoring software. Some are used for monitoring the functioning of your system and devices, while others focus on monitoring the applications, network traffic, or the security of your network. It is essential that you use a combination of all these or use network monitoring tools that combine all these features. Network monitoring solution can give your network a breather, thereby making your business more efficient and prosperous. It is absolutely mandatory to use network monitoring solutions because slowing down or crashing of your system might incur huge loss in your business. Therefore, in this competitive age, it is absolutely essential to use effective network monitoring solution packages.