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Thanks to all those who have taken the time to write to us. With your encouragement, we will continue to develop our line of high quality software products and we look forward to offering you new releases in the coming months. If you wish to offer your personal thoughts on our software products, please visit our online contact form.

"I think this application is really neat, easy to use and perfect as a quick and easy way to alert the person-on-call that a server is down."
Greg Sciullo

"I have looked all over for a product that will do what this one does with such simplicity and low cost and there is not much out there."
Adam Vigeant

"It is a very nice tool, easy to install and use. Not so complicated as many other monitoring tools."
Mathias Hegenscheidt

"I’ve been using IPMonitor for well over a year now and it has been invaluable to my work."
Mike Casey

"IPMonitor is a great tool to monitor the health of our network spread across 7 locations."
Geary Mertz

"We really like your product. We use it to monitor all of our wide area network connections and it has proven very handy."
Scott Hartlaub

"I evaluated several other programs before selecting IPMonitor. It is really far above the rest - good job!"
William Boggs

"Your product is very well designed and works without a hitch every time. I don't know what else to say about a great software package like IPMonitor."
Dennis E. Pillow

"It’s an invaluable product for my business."
Martin Ormerod

"An excellent product, saved me some major headaches one time already."
Tom Buxton

"I use the IPMonitor program to keep critical dialups online and test ISP and client server availability."
Steve Gable

"I am using your IPMonitor thingy, to keep track of the availability of servers at my ISP. I like it very much, and this way I can always know when they are down."
Adi Miller

"Excellent software. Its *really* useful for checking the state of our local LAN, our intranet, as well as 'Net connectivity."
Govind Menon

"I'm so delighted to meet the network information provider I'm seeking."
Sangsun Yi